Our Mission

Our mission is to embrace the ever-changing healthcare environment and strive to always be improving.  With the ultimate goal of providing the best possible patient care and outcomes, we maintain unsurpassed quality in our products, the highest level of integrity from our employees, and strong relationships with our customers and partners.

Our History – Tim Alleman, Co-Founder

Zeni Medical was co-founded in 2017 by Tim Alleman. Tim began his career in wound care in 1993 when he started the wound care division at a leading national healthcare company. He spent 25 years developing innovative products that improved the quality of life for countless people all over the world.

Tim co-founded Zeni Medical because he wanted to create a product platform that added value for both patients and customers. His motto was “Simple. Effective. Affordable.” Tim believed that every patient should be able to have access to the highest quality wound dressings. Today, Zeni Medical strives to uphold those same principles by developing Advanced Wound Dressings that are premium quality, while also operating a lean supply chain that allows us to pass cost savings on to our customers.

Tragically, Tim passed away unexpectedly just months after Zeni Medical entered the market, and he only saw the beginning of his vision becoming a reality. Today, Zeni Medical is proud to serve thousands of patients across the country every day. Our mission remains the same – we are passionate about providing the best quality dressings to our customers and patients at a price that is accessible for everyone.


ZeniMedical was founded on the core principles of Quality, Value, Excellence and Integrity.  As a privately owned and operated company, our goal is to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.  Our philosophy is:  “Let’s find a better way”.  With an ever increasing product line of wound treatment products and a passion for Excellence, our corporate culture is present in all aspects of the company.  Each member of the Leadership Team for ZeniMedical has 20 years or more experience in the medical industry, and they each bring a long history of success that spans into almost every aspect of the healthcare industry.  Our goal is to become a premier supplier in the wound treatment market by Exceeding customer expectations.  ZeniMedical will continue to focus on service, innovation and best practices that will help to ensure success.


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