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ZeniABSORB is a sterile dressing for use on heavily exuding wounds, consisting of an oxygen permeable, waterproof nonwoven layer, a super absorbent pad layer, hydro-penetrating nonwoven layer and silicone nonadherent contact layer. The layered construction facilitates fluid management to provide optimal moist wound environment and locks in exudate.

● Super Absorbency
● Non-Adherent to Wound Bed
● Breathable, Waterproof Protective Backing Prevents Strike Through
● Available in Multiple Sizes
● Protects Against Maceration
● Can be Repositioned upon Application
● Gentle on Sensitive and Fragile Skin
● Used as Primary or Secondary Dressing
● Highly Conformable and Comfortable
● Easy Application

ZeniABSORB is contraindicated for use on third degree burns, dry or low exuding wounds, eyes, mucous membranes, as an internal dressing/sponge or wound cavities due to the dressing swells during absorption.

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